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Breezway Louver Windows are the best type of window available. They're stylish, versatile, energy efficient and totally customizable. Essentially, Breezway Louver Windows help you to create a living space that works with nature rather than against it.

Key features

Louver windows have changed significantly since we began manufacturing them in the late 1940’s, but they are still a practical and stylish window choice.

Key features of modern Breezway Louver Windows:

  1. Hurricane rated for wind and water to ensure maximum performance.
  2. Tight sealing due to the patented living hinge’ and drainage channel design.
  3. Energy rated to meet building codes.
  4. Improved security available with easily fitted security screens.
  5. Manufactured exclusively from noncorrosive materials.
  6. Ideal window option for replacing old jalousies in high-rise Condo's.
  7. Tempered glass is available from our local factory in Honolulu to offer added safety for building occupants.
  8. Each window is made to order, allowing the widest choice of customizing options.
  9. Breezway Louvers with theStronghold System pins louver blades in place to provide extra strength and safety in buildings or lanai enclosures.

Louvre Products & Specifications

Your Altair Louvre Window will be custom made to suit your needs.
Taking the time to configure each Louvre Window will bring improved comfort and functionality.
Home Owners may find the ‘Product Selection Guide’ below a useful tool.
For Specifiers the menu below covers in depth technical details including BIM models,
3D interactive product models, compliance information and installation drawings.


Open up your home and enjoy natural light, fresh air and wonderful views with Breezway Altair Louvre Windows. Simply follow this easy step-by-step Altair Louvre Selection Guide and select the features you are most interested in for your customised Louvre Window design.


The Altair Louvre encompasses many innovative and patented inventions that provide improved product strength, performance and flexibility to our customers.


  • Electronically Control Windows
  • A variety of handles
  • Louvres with the Stronghold® System
  • Fixed Louvres
  • Louvre Window Sizes
  • Keylocks, Screens and Security Bars
  • Colour and Finish Selection


Choosing the right window framing system can be complex and is best discussed with your window manufacturer. We has three framing systems that are available through approved window manufacturers. The Easyscreen, Innoscreen and SL2 Window Systems all have differing purposes.

Ideas Gallery

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