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Altair® Louvres can be fitted into a variety of aluminium and timber window frame systems.

Choosing the right framing system can be complex and is best discussed with your window dealer. Breezway has two framing systems that are available through approved window dealers. The Easyscreen and Slimline Window Systems all have differing purposes as outlined below. In addition many Asian window dealers have designed their own framing systems to suit Altair Louvre componentry.

Easyscreen™ Window System

Slimeline™ Window System

Altair in Other Window Frames

Frame depth 131mm 52mm Varies
Frame construction Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium, Timber
Visible fixings None

None Varies
Altair Louvre Bays Yes Yes Yes
Fixed Lite Bays No No Yes
Screen position Outside No screen No Screen
Yes No Varies
Handle options • Standard handle
• Low Profile Handle
• Ring handle
• No handles (Powerlouvre)

• Standard handle
• Low Profile Handle
• Ring handle

• Standard handle
• Low Profile Handle
• Ring handle

Security options • Integrated solid bars
• Screens
None None
Reveals & flashing Available Available Available
Compatible sub
None None Available

The EasyscreenTM Window System

Suitable for external screen applications

Easyscreen is an aluminium framing system that is specifically designed for use with Altair Louvres. The system complements the full range of Altair features including Powerlouvre, handle options as well as fixed lite bays, externally fixed screening, security bars and a high strength design for monsoonal regions.

Single Louvre Bay

A single louvre window bay contained within a single frame.

Multiple Louvre Bays

Multiple louvre window bays contained within a single frame, separated by mullions.

Security Bars

The Easyscreen Window System features an (optional) integrated D bar security system. To suit 152mm louvre only.

The SlimlineTM Window System

Suitable for narrow frame applications

Featuring modern architectural lines, the Slimline Altair Louvre Window System has been developed to suit narrow frame applications and installation into concrete block construction when screening is not required. The Slimline Window System can effectively bring natural light and ventilation into the building to reduce the need for power-hungry artificial cooling systems.

Slimline Single Louvre Bay

A single louvre window bay contained within a single frame.

Altair® Louvres in Other Window Frames

For a wide range of applications

Altair Louvres are also available in a wide range of window frames. Breezway has developed the Altair Louvre System so window fabricators can install Altair Louvres within their own aluminium or timber frames for residential and commercial applications. This provides the benefits of Altair Louvres while retaining the benefits inherent in the window fabricators own window designs.

The Altair Louvre Component System provides a way for fabricators to include Altair Louvres and Weatherstrip in their window frames.

Altair Louvres with Manual Operation

Altair Louvre

The Altair Louvre and Weatherstrip can be screw fixed to the outer frame.

Exploded View

Exploded view of Altair Louvre Gallery System including parts and screw fixings.