Open up your home and enjoy natural light, fresh air and wonderful views with Breezway Altair Louver Windows. Simply follow this easy step-by-step Altair Louver Selection Guide and select the features you are most interested in for your Altair Louver Window design. Once complete, hit the submit button and your Altair Louver check list will be created so you can easily print this out or forward it onto your Architect, Builder, or Breezway Preferred Dealer to discuss in more detail.

Select your Choice of Frame

Breezway offers a selection of frame colors, with options to suit varied applications.


Aluminium frames are low maintenance and can be powder coated in a wide range of colours or simply anodised.


Timber conducts very little heat, making it an energy efficient option. Altair Louvres can be installed in all timber window frames.


Screens can be fitted to the outside of Breezway Easyscreen Window Systems or other compatible systems.

Select the Design of your Altair Louvre Windows

Single Window

Single louvre applications open twice as wide as regular windows to make the most of natural breezes.

Multiple Window

Multiple windows can be placed on walls to capture views whilst still allowing airflow into the home.

Narrow Window

Tall, narrow windows are great for smaller areas within the home that require natural light and ventilation.

Windows Above Doors

Place short, wide louvres above doors to allow hot rising ir to escape quickly.

Floor to Ceiling Window

Single or multi-bay floor to ceiling windows can make the most of natural air, reducing the need for air conditioning.

Wall of Windows

A wall of windows can maximise ventilation and outdoor views.

Windows beside Doors

Place tall, thin windows on opposite sides of your front door to allow airflow into the home even when the door is closed.

Fixed Lite Windows

Louvres with fixed lites help frame a view whilst gaining good airflow into the house.

Fixed Lite Windows

Louvres with fixed lites help frame a view whilst gaining good airflow into the house.

Select your Preferred Louvre Blade/s, Height and Safety Feature

With Altair Louvre Windows you can choose blades that best suit the windows function. i.e. maximising views, letting in/reducing sunlight, reducing glare, gaining privacy or creating your own design style.

Clear Glass

Full views and maximum natural sunlight.

Clear low e glass

Improves the insulating properties of the glass in cold or mixed climates.


Allows a soft diffused light into the room while retaining your privacy.

Grey tinted glass

Works best to reduce solar heat gain (beneficial in hot climates).

Bronze Tinted Glass

Works best to reduce solar heat gain (beneficial in hot climates).

Aluminum with Decowood Finish*

Aluminium with Decowood Finish provides privacy with ventilation.

Powder Coated Aluminum

Provides privacy with ventilation.

Anodised Aluminum

Available in clear and bronze. Provides privacy with ventilation.


Reduces heat and provides privacy.

IMPORTANT: Please select your blade height/s

Blade heights are often selected by personal taste. 6″ is usually incorporated into wider feature windows in residential applications. 4″ is commonly used in narrow window types beside doors or in bathrooms.

Safety Feature

Stronghold System
Altair Louvres with the Stronghold System are designed to mechanically retain blades so you can gain the benefits of full ventilation and safety in multi-storey applications. For further information please visit our Stronghold page. The page will open in a new browser tab so your form details are not lost

Select your control method/s

Whether you prefer pulling a handle, pushing a button or operating an App, Breezway has a louver window perfect for you. Consider the functionality of your window or the needs of the user when choosing a control method that will best suit the needs of each window.
Handle positions can be varied to allow windows of different sizes and at different heights to be matched or to allow handles to be moved lower or higher, left or right depending on the individual requirement.


Great for windows up-high. Powerlouvre Windows can be operated by the Apptivate Control Unit, Powerlouvre App or Building Management System.


Designed to fit the contours of the human hand for easy use.

Low Profile

The unique shape and styling provides a slim line and functional fit that allows it to be used in some bifold and sliding doors.

Slide handle

The slide handle allows you to easily operate your louvers with an inside screen installed

Ring Pull

For up-high, out-of-reach louver placement and are operated by map rod.

Inside Screen

For inside screen access.

Select your color/s

Breezway offers a range of colors for Altair Louver Windows that can be color matched to your handles and clips. We also offer high performance paint finishes depending on the atmospheric conditions of your building (e.g. coastal environments).
PLEASE NOTE: These colors are indicative only and may not exactly reflect their true color due to differences in screen calibration.

Clear Anodized

Bronze Anodized

White Powder Coat